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Huffpost-5 Mistakes People Make When Wearing Face Masks For Coronavirus

Improper facemask use can actually increase your risk of spreading coronavirus rather than protect you and your community.

MISTAKE 1: Your face mask only covers your mouth.

Breathing through your nose can also spread the virus, and is it critical you cover both your mouth and nose with your mask.

MISTAKE 2: Your mask comes in contact with your body or your stuff.

The inside of the mask should only come in contact with your face and nothing else, including other parts of your body such as your neck. If the inside of the mask contacts other surfaces it should be considered contaminated and the mask should be washed.

MISTAKE 3: Your mask hangs too loosely on your face.

The mask should not flare out on the sides, and should form a solid seal between your face and your environment.

MISTAKE 4: Your face mask covers only the tip of your nose.

If the mask only covers the tip of your nose, there will be large air gaps at the top of the mask. Masks should cover the bridge of your nose.

MISTAKE 5: You don’t properly clean your mask if you reuse it.

Masks will get dirty throughout the day and should be washed daily

MISTAKE 6: You take off your mask to speak to friends you see outside.

Many people think of the mask as protecting them from strangers with COVID-19, and may take off their mask to better talk to friends they run into in stores or on the street. To protect yourself and your friends, please keep the mask on at all times when out of the house.

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