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Who We Are

Contra COVID is an organization dedicated to helping families from marginalized communities

ContraCovid NYC is an organization dedicated to helping marginalized individuals during the Pandemic and beyond. We are a group of students and professionals from across the country who are dedicated to ensuring marginalized individuals have the information needed to empower themselves and their families. 

Our Mission

Providing marginalized individuals the information and essential resources needed to thrive – at home and at work.

Our Vision

Realizing the full potential of all individuals to drive a new era of development, growth, and productivity. We strive to create local opportunity, growth, and impact in every client we interact with. We envision a world where everyone has equal access to healthcare and resources in their community.


Science education

Social Service Navigators Program
SSNP Picture.png

ContraCOVID NYC's Social Services Navigator Program helps to navigate clients through different resources to fulfill their needs. In particular, we focus on resources for housing, finances, employment, food, access to health care, education, transportation, among others. ContraCOVID members schedule phone calls to help non-English speakers translate and navigate online resources such as SNAP, WIC, and online documents.

Translation Services

ContraCOVID NYC's translation team offers English conversation services to Spanish speakers around NYC. Our goal is to make information more accessible to Latinx communities and empower individuals to feel comfortable navigating everyday life in English.

Video Guides for Applying for Benefits

Videos made by members of our team in English, Portuguese, and Spanish to demonstrate how to apply for benefits like WIC, SNAP, and PUA

Community Events

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