Who We Are

Contra COVID is an organization dedicated to helping Latino and immigrant families during this pandemic

We are a group of students and professionals from Harvard Medical School and institutions around the country who are dedicated to ensuring that Latino and immigrant individuals have the information they need to protect themselves and their families

Our Mission

We work hard to provide timely culturally relevant health and social information in an easily accessible format for communities across the nation

Our Vision

To provide people of all backgrounds  the information, health, and social resources they need to thrive during times of hardship

Our Projects

We know that the news is complicated during this pandemic. It is hard to understand everything we need about science and policy during these trying times. For this reason, contraCOVID creates and shares important news and videos with language we all can understand.

Social Assistance

The coronavirus is not only harming people's health, but also their finances. For this reason, contraCOVID has created tools to help people around the country find resources in their area, and in their language.


Health is a human right. Unfortunately, the policies of the United States do not recognize this fact. Because of this, contraCOVID joined forces with the incredible organization, Movimiento Cosecha, to educate thousands of immigrants about COVID-19.

community outreach

These days it seems like life is totally online, but this reality creates challenges for many of the people who need help the most. contraCOVID creates and distributes brochures and posters in the communities we serve throughout the United States.

Science education

contraCOVID team

contraCOVID was founded by a group of students and professionals in Boston and quickly spread to include members across the US as well as at universities in Latin America. We are eternally grateful to the countless members who have helped us grow from a few Harvard Medical Students trying to share some information to and organization running programs to help communities around the nation and abroad. 


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Hannah Ananda


Izabella A. Pena


Emma Eng


Angela Zhang


John Rincón-Hekking